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Victoria's Best Flooring provides the best range matched with the right advice from friendly industry professionals. Our staff ascertains your needs and will always provide you with service and advice at the right price and can also assist you with important maintenance tips to prolong the life of your investment.

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First, we make sure the floor is free of any disturb using our utility tools. Then, we give the floor a good sweep. Once we have checked the floor is clear, we will need to fill in any gaps with silicone. Filling in the gaps makes the surface smoother so there are no indents in the floor when the vinyl is placed down.

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We roll out the vinyl flooring so that it overhangs and rolls up the wall about 75mm. This will allow for any mistakes when cutting. Now take a pencil and mark along the edge of the skirting boards where you need to cut the vinyl. Then, we start cutting it along the line with some utility knife. When the vinyl fits into the corner, we mark and trim off the excess. For any outstanding walls or corners, we cut the vinyl to fit around these using two angles to make a V-shape. You can then push the vinyl into the corner to continue the marking and cutting process.

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STEP 3: —


Then, we apply the glue using trowel and hold upside down briefly to stop it from dripping. Then start scraping the glue onto the floor using short movements around the edges. Once the glue is applied, we use a damp sponge to slowly roll the vinyl down over the glue, and pushing with sponge from left to right to remove any air bubbles. We need to allow 24 hours to dry before walking on this or installing skirting boards or a doorframe.

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